Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm not very good at this blogger thing

I posted a single post for photos because I am not very good at posting multiple photos and add text also. So, here's what's going on in my life! I am currently 22 weeks pregnant. We had our sonogram about a week ago and it revealed a happy, healthy baby boy. I was a bit skeptical about trusting the sonographer's conclusion that it was a boy, but she assured me that she's 100% sure, and hasn't been wrong in 25 years. Plus, one revealing photo definitely makes it clear that he is in fact a boy. So, with the sex figured out, Mark and I have been hashing out names and haven't settled on one yet. A couple that we both like is:

Jacob Henry or Henry Jacob
Ethan (no middle name figured out yet, but I like Henry, Emery or William)

A few that we like but have no middle names figured out for is:

Bryan (maybe)

And that's about it right now. I can't think of anymore that we both absolutely loved...and trust me, I've tried! Anyway, the photo below was taken a few days ago..about 21 weeks pregnant. I can't believe I'm halfway there already. I don't think I even look 5 months pregnant. Crazy!

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BellaBabe said...

Hey babe. You are one gorgeous mama!!!

If you add all the photos first you can then go and add text easily.